petek, 02. november 2018

Polymer clay challenge weeks 41-45

With these hairclips I'm again up to date with the polymer clay challenge. There are only 7 weeks to go which probably means two blog posts. I work much better if I make a batch of hair  clips using the same colours and playing with different ideas from tutorials I bought or from my own sketchbook. The ones for weeks 41 and 42 were inspired by Fancy Puppet and the one for week 45 is from Polymer art projects - organic by Fabiola Pérez. 
Happy and creative November!

sreda, 10. oktober 2018

Polymer clay challenge weeks 32-40

After the summer break I'm almost up to date with the #2018Polymerclaychallenge. I used lots of happy colours to say goodbye to summer. Hopefully your autumn days are not too foggy / dull / boring.

petek, 28. september 2018

Christmas card throwdown 36

I left out a lot of challenges since the beginning of August because I fell while rollerblading and had to rest for quite some time, then we went to the seaside and then I was ill for 2 weeks. I didn't make an effort also due to the fact that I have more than enough Christmas cards and I'll join the challenge only occasionally from now on. 
So my favourite colouring medium at the moment is watercolour but I am a total beginner. The main problem with this card was the quality of paper - it really wasn't suitable for the huge amount of water but I didn't want to make another card. 
Happy autumn everyone,

četrtek, 02. avgust 2018

Polymer clay challenge weeks 24-31

Kljub visokim temperaturam lovim izziv Polymer clay challenge. Po dolgem času sem kupila nekaj novega Fima - predvsem zato, ker so nove barve čudovite, sicer pa še vedno skušam porabiti stare (velikanske) zaloge. 
Lep skok v avgust,

sreda, 25. julij 2018

Christmas Card Throwdown 27

At first I decided not to take part this week, then I remembered that my favourite colour combo is definitely non traditional for Christmas. I was inspired by a wonderful artist - Maud Vantours. Check her awesome work!
Have a nice week,

sreda, 18. julij 2018

Christmas Card Throwdown 26


A muggy summer isn't the right time to make elaborate cards so this week's colour combo is just perfect to use some of those gold and silver stickers which are stored in several boxes in my craft room. I know that they don't count as "real" card making but I like them. 
Have a nice week,

četrtek, 12. julij 2018

Christmas Card Throwdown 25

This is one of the fastest cards I've ever made - when I started to go through my stash to find some images or accents this patterned paper literally found me. The photo isn't the best but I assure you that the birds are really cute.
Have a lovely weekend!

četrtek, 05. julij 2018

Christmas Card Throwdown 23 and 24

 It's been a while since I made the last card for the Christmas Card Throwdown challenge. I missed the wreath challenge but fortunately the latest one finishes tomorrow.                                               

As I don't want to miss a challenge, I made this wreath card too. 
Have a lovely weekend,

četrtek, 14. junij 2018

Christmas Card Throwdown 22

The moment I saw the guest designer's (Lili's) card I decided to go for an embroidered card this week. I've never done embroidery on paper before but it might become my favourite technique. 

četrtek, 07. junij 2018

Polymer Clay Challenge weeks 22-23

V teh tednih se s polimerno glino vračam h koreninam - iz zelo starih ostankov sem naredila vzorec "Stroppel", poskusila pa tudi posnemati blago "wax", čeprav je tehnika najbolj osnovni mokume gane. Ob začetku poletja se mi zdi modra prava barva. 
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