nedelja, 10. julij 2011

Ten things on the tenth - july

1. "Our bay" at night
2. The river near my house in spring.
3. Our private piece of river at home - my daughters swim here.
4. Another springtime snapshot near my house.
5. A lake near the mountains where we go swimming once a year.
6. Our river.
7. The little town in Croatia where we go every year.
8. "Our bay" during the day
9. The view from our beach
10. Our beach in the evening

July is absolutely my favourite month - summer, holidays, slow days and water. I love swimming or sitting near the water just watching it. It can be our local river, a stream, a lake, the sea...
So here are ten photos of my beloved element.
I am busy packing for our family holidays. We are leaving tomorrow early in the morning and we all can't wait to be at the seaside.
Enjoy summer!

sreda, 06. julij 2011

Summer card camp week 2 - another attempt

Do your craft supplies ever talk to you? Mine don't, as a rule.... but today when I sat down to make another card in the suggested colour combo I suddenly saw my box of ribbons. They must have called me (just like chocolate chip cookies often call Snoopy ;-D). In a minute I found what I loved and the card was put together in no time.
And then I noticed my Distress inks (a new supply for me) and the second card sketched itself in my head. I enjoyed the process and I like both cards. That's why I simply had to write the second post of the day - something I've never done.
Enjoy summer,

Summer card camp week 2

I am less comfortable with this combination than with the one from last week. I tried Jennifer's technique and the card is totally different from what I wanted.
I'll try again today.

petek, 01. julij 2011

Summer Card Camp - new colour combos

Although I move slowly and work slowly and craft slowly these days my card sketchbook is filling with new ideas really fast. There has to be some magic ingredient in the card camp area or is it quite simple - when you see masters at work you can't not get inspired.
The additional colour combos that were proposed in today's PDF are gorgeous. I chose the third one and after a moment I stopped obsessing about exactly the right colours and tried to follow the general idea I got when I saw the combo.
The photos aren't great as it's getting dark here and it's raining but who cares. I enjoyed making the card and am quite satisfied with it.
Have a nice weekend,
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