nedelja, 10. julij 2011

Ten things on the tenth - july

1. "Our bay" at night
2. The river near my house in spring.
3. Our private piece of river at home - my daughters swim here.
4. Another springtime snapshot near my house.
5. A lake near the mountains where we go swimming once a year.
6. Our river.
7. The little town in Croatia where we go every year.
8. "Our bay" during the day
9. The view from our beach
10. Our beach in the evening

July is absolutely my favourite month - summer, holidays, slow days and water. I love swimming or sitting near the water just watching it. It can be our local river, a stream, a lake, the sea...
So here are ten photos of my beloved element.
I am busy packing for our family holidays. We are leaving tomorrow early in the morning and we all can't wait to be at the seaside.
Enjoy summer!

8 komentarjev:

Alysse pravi ...

You live in amazingly beautiful place!

Tammy pravi ...

Absolutely gorgeous! That water looks so refreshing. You are lucky to have these amazing resources so close. :)

Beverly pravi ...

ahhh I am a fellow water lover so think your topic is perfect!

Connie pravi ...


BarbV pravi ...

Lovely watery images, I can see why you like it.

Wanda pravi ...

Love these water-y images, especially #5. The combination of water and mountains reminds me of our two-day visit to Glacier National Park in Montana, USA.

mravljica :: little ant pravi ...

Lepe lepe! Voda je zelo hvaležen motiv... pred kratkim se je tudi meni "vodnih" nabralo za celo objavo :)

furrypig pravi ...

wow it is totally beautiful where ou live! hav a wonderful holiday xxx

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