četrtek, 14. februar 2013

Creative Craft Photo 2/2013

All my clear and unmounted rubber stamps are stored in the drawers of this small piece of furniture that I bought for a very small price on a day when I was looking for something else in a large hardware store. There is a sort of system to this storage but I change it from time to time and then can't remember how exactly the stamps are rearranged. I don't have many wood mounted stamps and they are stored in a cardboard box on a shelf.
If I could I would have lots and lots of different stamps - to fill many more boxes and shelves.
Have a nice weekend,

4 komentarji:

Martina pravi ...

Super ideja, dobro izkoriščen prostor. Štampiljk pa tako ali tako ni nikoli preveč.

moi pravi ...

Večen problem kako si shraniti ves material tako, da ga čimprej najdeš ;)

Hali pravi ...

Super ideja!
p.s:hvala za čudovito presenečenje, polepšala si mi dan!

Katharina Frei pravi ...

A great idea, it looks very neat and organised :)

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