četrtek, 14. marec 2013

Creative Craft Photo 3/2013

Some time ago I first heard of Derwent Inktense Pencils. After watching a few videos I fell in love with them and suggested to my hubby to buy me an extremely early birthday present. He chose the big set of 36 pencils and I must say they are the best - one can create subtle washes or intense colours, the possibilities to blend colours are endless. I think other colouring mediums such as watercolour pencils, distress inks or different markers will be on holiday for quite some time.
Have a lovely week,

3 komentarji:

Jana pravi ...

Uživaj v igranju z njimi. :) Ne pozabi pokazat rezultatov tega igranja. :)

Maja pravi ...

Dobro si mu sugerirala in dobro je znal poslušati! Nekateri sugestije namreč kar preskočijo!
Tudi jaz ti želim, da uživaš z njimi!

Katharina Frei pravi ...

I never tried these beore. It's great to hear about other people's favourite techniques.
I hope you will join our next CCP as well :)
Katharina x

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