četrtek, 13. junij 2013

Creative Craft Photo June 2013

All my craft desks are always crowded. Even when I crafted on my kitchen table and had to tidy it every time my materials and tools were never neatly arranged. What I need to grab is always at the bottom of a pile or / and tends to roll across the surface and fall on the floor.
The photo shows the corner of my polymer clay desk - where I also block crochet work and assemble beadwork so I always have to move different materials and I am quite useless at storage that makes sense. I always look for something.
 But the worst of all is dust - as I don't have a lot of time to create everything has to be dusted whenever I start a new project.

2 komentarja:

Seraphina´s Phantasie pravi ...

Just wonderful !
Best regards, Synnöve

Katharina Frei pravi ...

This is so true! I also hate it when my stuff gets dusted. Thanks for taking part again! I love your photos.
Katharina x

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