nedelja, 14. julij 2013

Creative craft photo July 13 - halftime

My latest finished page in my Art Journal I - it's about inspiration, prompt by Catherine M. Scanlon, In and Out Art Journal Toolbox workshop.

My small art journal called Sketches, made from left over papers, about 10 x 12 cm, front cover.

                                               small art journal Sketches, back cover

Small art journal inside front cover and first page "Colour your life" which didn't come out according to plans but I like some of it.

Small art journal, inside back cover, where I tested my metallic markers. Unfortunately I had to throw most of them away as they no longer worked.

The page in my Art Journal I that I am working on (prompt by Catherine Scanlon).

I am a complete beginner as far as art journaling or mixed media art go. I read about Creative Jumpstart organized by Nathalie at Whiff of Joy blog at the beginning of the year and joined it. I loved it, took some classes and became a huge fan of Catherine Scanlon. That is why I would like to show my art journal covers and pages as something new and exciting that I've taken up in 2013.
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