petek, 30. avgust 2013

Umetniški dnevnik - drevo

Naloga za to stran je bila narediti kolaž z motivom drevesa in pisati o tem, kje najdemo moč oz kdo je močan. Ravno prava tema za začetek šolskega leta, ki bo od nas zahteval velike zaloge moči in vztrajnosti. "Salty ocean" in "Peacock feathers" Tima Holtza sta čudoviti barvi, a očitno zahtevni za fotografiranje, ker je stran v resnici manj vsiljivo modra.
Lep začetek jeseni!

This art journal page is about being strong and finding inner strength. We had to use an image of a tree and I found one in a gardening magazine. I love Tim Holtz's "Salty ocean" and "Peacock feathers" Distress inks but they are difficult to capture in photos. In reality the page isn't quite so blue.
Have a nice weekend,

sobota, 24. avgust 2013

Creative craft photo August 2013

I am very late for the challenge hosted by Katharina at Whiff of Joy blog but I am determined not to miss a month. 
The August theme is "What do you do when you don't craft?" If I did all the crafts I know I wouldn't have any time at all for my job and family.
But when I don't craft or work I read and read and read, especially in summer. When my husband started talking about buying me a Kindle I was against it (I want to hold real books in my hands, It's just something fancy but I love good old books - my best friends.... etc etc). He didn't listen to me, of course, and bought me a Paperwhite for our wedding anniversary in April. And you know what? I fell in love with it totally and completely. When I read a "real" book now - after four months - I want to click on the words I don't understand and turn pages simply by tapping my finger... 
There is one more thing I have to mention - screen savers. They are perfect and to die for! You can see one in the photo. 
Have a nice weekend,

torek, 13. avgust 2013

Blazina 2 / Cushion 2

Druga kvačkana blazina je v toplih barvah. Ponazarja poletje, vročino, sproščenost. Še posebej vroče je bilo tudi danes pred 20 leti, ko se mi je rodila prvorojenka. Super punca si, prva od štirih sončkov! Vse naj naj!
The second crocheted cushion is in warm colours - it makes me think of summer heat and  happy, relaxed months.
My first daughter is 20 today! It was very hot on her birthday. You've brought us so much happiness! Enjoy life and happy birthday!

Lep teden
Have a nice week

sreda, 07. avgust 2013

Umetniško pisanje

Pri ustvarjanju umetniškega dnevnika je zelo pomembna tudi pisava. Julie Fei-Fan Belzer ima nekje na blogu prav lušten video za razne tehnike in trike pri pisanju. Za stran o sebi se mi ni ljubilo vrtati vase in sem uporabila citat s Pinteresta. Uporabila sem Copic črne flomastre in sem navdušena nad nerazlivanjem črnila ne glede na podlago. 

Čimhladnejši teden, Kristina

For this art journal page I used Julie Fei-Fan Belzer's writing techniques. There is a video on her blog. The page is about "me" but I didn't feel like reflecting a lot so I used a quote found on Pinterest. 
Enjoy your week, Kristina
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