sobota, 24. avgust 2013

Creative craft photo August 2013

I am very late for the challenge hosted by Katharina at Whiff of Joy blog but I am determined not to miss a month. 
The August theme is "What do you do when you don't craft?" If I did all the crafts I know I wouldn't have any time at all for my job and family.
But when I don't craft or work I read and read and read, especially in summer. When my husband started talking about buying me a Kindle I was against it (I want to hold real books in my hands, It's just something fancy but I love good old books - my best friends.... etc etc). He didn't listen to me, of course, and bought me a Paperwhite for our wedding anniversary in April. And you know what? I fell in love with it totally and completely. When I read a "real" book now - after four months - I want to click on the words I don't understand and turn pages simply by tapping my finger... 
There is one more thing I have to mention - screen savers. They are perfect and to die for! You can see one in the photo. 
Have a nice weekend,

2 komentarja:

Vladuška pravi ...

He he, to pa poznam :))) Tudi sama sem ljubitelj prave knjige in sem se tudi vseeno odlocila za ebook. Sem se dala kar sama prepricat :))) In sem tudi zelo zadovoljna.

Jana pravi ...

Tudi jaz razmišljam v smeri Kindla, ker vedno vlečem knjige za seboj. Doma imam še vedno 2 tvoji, ki čakata, da se ponovno vidimo. :)

za Kindla - rabim še malo prepričevanja v to smer.

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