nedelja, 08. februar 2015

PCChallenge 2015

In January I came across KatersAcres blog at a moment when I was trying to figure out what to do about one of my hobbies - creating things from polymer clay. It's my first love but during the last two years I went through a number of setbacks. I felt as if everything was telling me not to bother any more and just stop doing it. 
The 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge spoke to me and I decided that what I need most is to work much more, to play more often so as to be able to see where it'll take me. I had ideas to challenge myself to CASE different artists but I need some external "pressure" to keep me motivated.
I'm starting late, I know, but the above necklace took a long time to make - I wanted to put it in week 3 at first! 
I'm challenging myself to make a necklace a week, to explore and try as many bead shapes and techniques as possible. I'd like to include lots of flowers in my necklaces too and only in this case I am allowed to make pendants, otherwise I stick to beads.
My necklace was inspired by Anna Oriona
In the following weeks I have some catching up to do - I'll do my best.

4 komentarji:

moi pravi ...

Res bi bilo škoda, če bi nehala mečkati polimerno glino, ker potem ne bi videli te tvoje čudovite ogrlice. Res je zahtevala veliko dela, ampak se je splačalo.

Hali pravi ...

U tule je kar nekaj dela...ampak je super!

Flowermouse Design ❀ Lone pravi ...

It looks so good with the gradient colors!!!! Polymer clay is a challenge to work with and it takes so much time to get the clay as one want.. Most important is it to have fun and to want to do it!!! Good luck!!

Vladuška pravi ...

Wow, kako lepe barve. Sem si tudi jaz kar oddahnila, da se nisi vdala nad polimerno glino :)

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