petek, 27. april 2018

Christmas Card Throwdown 15

When trees are in full (white) blossom in my corner of the world, our challenge at Christmas Card Throwdown is also "white". After wasting a lot of time deciding which of many ideas to try I made something different altogether and I'm quite happy with it. 
Have a wonderful weekend. 

četrtek, 19. april 2018

Christmas Card Throwdown 14

For this challenge I grabbed my watercolours and played a bit with blues, purples and gold. The Holy Family is embossed with transparent powder. I wanted to add things and fuss with the cards some more but the awesome sunny day won and I went out instead. 

četrtek, 12. april 2018

Christmas Card Throwdown 13

Voščilnici za aprilsko skico pri Christmas Card Throwdown

Sketch challenges are my favourite and this time it was no different. 

torek, 10. april 2018

2018 Polymer Clay Challenge - tedni 10-15

Spet sem na čistem s Polymer Clay izzivom - za ta teden sponka "aprilsko vreme".

Predori iz ostankov od drugih izdelkov.

Veliki zvončki - moja velika ljubezen. 

Mali zvončki - znanilci spomladi. 

Poskusi po navodilih Pavle Čepelikove (Saffron addict).

Poskusi v tehniki batik (Wired Orchid).

Naj aprilske plohe prinesejo obilo cvetja in lepega vremena v maju (April shower bring May flowers). 

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